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How to Measure Your Caravan for Transport

How to Measure Your Caravan for Transport

or boat trailer for transport

This is maybe the most important thing we need to really know when we first talk to you regarding your freight transport.

We need to know that when we arrive to load your Caravan, Boat or trailer that its going to fit and we have sent the right truck to suit your needs.

Below is a picture showing the two main measurements we require.

Measurement B is Tow ball to the extreme rear so if your Caravan has a spare wheel on the rear that measurement needs to include the spare wheel, or in the case of Boats it needs to be from tow hitch to the rear of the motor.

How to measure my boat for transport

How to measure my boat for transportThe next measurements we will need is the width and that measurement is from the widest point usually with boats this will be towards the Bow of the boat and with Caravans t will be either the rear or front of the body of the caravan.

Last is the Height and this measurement is from the ground to the heighest point of the van or boat, including any hatches, lights or antennas.

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